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“We are a team of passionate Engineers and researchers working towards a common vision of green aerospace and defense technology.”
“we design develop and deploy many space projects, and provide services for both individuals companies who are interested in maintaining their data centers in outer space as well as in drone technology with development of Fixed wing UAV, Multi copters, ARDUSAT based research and development, Hybrid Rocket Engine and Sounding Rocket.”


ArduSat is an Arduino based nanosatellite, based on the CubeSat standard. It contains a set of Arduino boards and sensors.
ArduSat is the first satellite which will provide such open access to the general public to space. The general public will be allowed to use these Arduinos and sensors for their own creative purposes while they are in space It is one of several crowdfunded satellites launched during the 2010s

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Ekalavya is a hybrid rocket engine that is capable of utilizing the technology including solid liquid and hybrid propultion system it aims in developing high end thrust performance characterictics in the field of rocketry.

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A sounding rocket, also named as research rocket is specially designed rocket for carrying instruments to perform scientific experiments and certain measurements at its sub-orbital flight. It can also be given name as low altitude rocket as it travels to a shorter altitude compared other space rockets, and that is the reason it is being used for preferably for measuring atmospheric conditions and experiments like agricultural survey and cloud seeding.

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Ardusat : ArduSat is an Arduino based nanosatellite, based on the CubeSat standard. It contains a set of Arduino boards and sensor

Lakshya : Lakshya is a sounding rocket

Ekalavya : A liquid-solid hybrid rocket engine with high thrust capacity

Wing UAV


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Lakshya Space posses a fne team of young innovative minds who has the the skills, ability and practical experience of working on different projects guided by professionals and reputed professors from some of the prestigious institutions of India.

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Want to work with Lakshya Space and go on a transformative journey ?. Learn more about the jobs available at Lakshyaspace careers and grab the opportunity to work with us

we at Lakshya Space offer vivid jobs for passionate individuals and provide opportunities to work with various different interesting and innovative projects.

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